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Tours and ideas

Tours, Tracks and some more information, we will bring you on board.

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Here we are.............

showing you some ideas and tracks which clients are asking 4.

The first Tour was a wedding choice, some days in Hongkong, some days in Australia, some in New Zealand and one week on Cook Island. Here you can see the planning trip 4 New Zealand.
Your will start in Christchurch - South Island. So the first contact with New Zealand is in this part of New Zealand where only 1/3 of the Kiwi population is living. Here you will see the Alps, wale watching, and the sunshine town called Nelson. Then you will cross the ocean with the ferry boat and going north up to the Bay of Plenty. Coming back to Auckland Airport is the best option to leave the country.

Because google maps give the option to everyone to use it although with the cell phone, it might be a good option 4 your travel route, to create your planning with this fantastic tool.

Here is the Link to show you the tour options in google maps.

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